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CREST Awards

CREST is a nationally recognised accreditation scheme for project work in the fields of science and technology regulated by the British Science Association.

Prices for schools:

CREST Discovery £3.00, Bronze £5.00, Silver £10.00 and
 Gold £20.00.

Aimed at students aged 11-19, CREST awards encourage students to develop their scientific curiosity, problem-solving and communication skills. Through a mentoring system, the scheme can facilitate links between schools and industry or higher education.

CREST awards motivate students, build confidence and encourage them to pursue careers in science, engineering and technology. The Awards are available at three levels:

        Discovery: a great first introduction to project work, these take about five hours and can be done in one day; typically undertaken by 11-to-14-year-olds.

Bronze: 10 hours of project work, typically for students aged 11 to 14. Projects within an industrial context are encouraged.

        Silver: 40 hours of project work, typically for students aged 14+. Links with industry are encouraged.

        Gold: 70+ hours of project work, typically for students aged 16+ and students must be linked with a mentor from industry or higher education.

Projects can be in any area of science, engineering and technology and can be chosen by the students subject to approval from the teacher or create a future staff.

Students who have completed CREST project work have the opportunity to display their work at Big Bang Events. Outstanding projects may be submitted for inclusion in the NSEC and Big Bang events.

Benefits: UCAS endorses CREST Awards for inclusion in students’ personal statements – they’re well regarded, high-quality and a tangible recognition of success. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award: a CREST Award can count towards your Skills section at any DofE Award level.  

School CREST Registrations

The CREST Registration Form for all levels can be downloaded here CREST Registration Form.
Please note that this form is for School Registrations only- see below for Independent CREST registrations.

A sample template for placing students’ data into a spreadsheet can be downloaded. XLS.

A teachers/students guide for the various levels of award can be requested via email.

Independent CREST Registrations

There may be circumstances when a school or college is unable to support a student through the CREST award.  In this case it is possible to register Individual Students for CREST awards via the following form:

CREST Independent Registration Form (do not use this form for school registrations)

These Individual Registration Students receive support or assistance directly from create a future or from a designated representative of create a future.